The journey of a thousand miles started with just one step! Sometimes, when that step is taken appropriately at the right time, it leads the journey smoothly to a place of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Dated back to 2017 April when I was having my six months compulsory Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme program at AlphaTech Institute. One afternoon after practical sessions, I was wondering how and where I could make extra cash since we were not being paid at the training( If you ever schooled in Nigeria, you will understand better what SIWES entails. A period where your parents see you as an almost graduate, major sources of income will definitely be cut since you are no longer in school for the said period).

I had all the tools I needed, my laptop PC and my Internet Modem. I didn’t need to start learning how to search on Google. I got lots of information and was confused. You know one thing I lacked? That’s having a mentor to learn from directly. This forced me to learn the hard way by trial and error while making adjustments. This is a very good and rewarding approach but the downside is that it is time consuming and you might confused along the line; this is the reason you need a mentor: a coach to guide you through on the pathway to your dream actualization.

Now, I am glad and proud that my hard works after these years has paid off and, being the type that love seeing others succeed, I have put up this platform to help people like you who are passionate about succeeding and making passive or even full time income online  up to date and verified solutions and approaches.